May 31, 2013

Some of my Tape

 Hi! Today I'm going to show you some of my different tapes (Yes, I do have more) and one or two thing I like about them, and one thing I dislike about them. Let's go!!

 I like this tape because it's a really pretty color. I also like it because it goes with a lot of other tapes/stuff in general. I dislike it because it doesn't go with everything.
 I like this one because it's pink!!! It's just really pretty and there's really nothing I don't like about it.
 I like this one because it's colorful and just really fun! I dislike it because it doesn't go with a whole lot.
 I like this one because it has cherries! I love cherries. It's also really cute. It doesn't go with a whole lot, though.
 This one is also really pretty. I like all the pretty colors! It looks a little too bright with orange in my opinion.
 This one has a really pretty pattern and pretty colors. It also goes well (I think) with the light pink I showed you. There isn't much I dislike about it.
 Cupcakes!!!!! What else do I need to say?
 This one is at least one of my favorites. It's really pretty and I like the pattern and all the colors. This one is practically perfect in every way ( like Mary Poppins!).
 This one I like because I can use it for the stems on my flower pens. There's not that much I can use it for.
 Mustaches! Since obviously mustaches are in, I like it because it sells well and is really cute. Why aren't the mustaches pink????
 This goes with a lot of things since you can use contrasting colors with it ( just like the mustaches).
 This is a really bright color and I love bright colors!!! There's not much wrong with it, though.
 This one has a lot of bright colors, and like I said before, I love bright colors! It's Scotch brand. Scotch brand is thinner and I don't like it as much, but I still like it (because it's still duct tape!).
 I like this one because it goes with almost anything! I don't like it as much because it's not a bright color.
 This is just something totally random, but it's a duct tape castle. These are fun to make because there's no pattern you have to follow! You can just be totally random and crazy with them. Just be careful! One wrong move and bye bye castle!

This was really fun to make. There won't be a post next week because I'll be on vacation with my family! I'm so excited and can't wait to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye

May 16, 2013

Duck Tape Case Thingy Tutorial

 Okay, today I'm going to show you how to make a pencil case! This is a really simple project so let's get started!
 You will need: One roll of patterned tape, one roll solid that matches the patterned, and scissors! So many supplies!
 First take one piece in between 5 and 6 in. long.
 Then take another one and make it overlap slightly (it doesn't have to be perfect as you can see).
 Next (this is so exciting!) you take another piece and line it up and stick it sticky side down. It should line up with the other pieces.
 Put another piece on the bottom.
 Then you just trim it.
 Make another sheet. (repeat the previous steps)
 Take the patterned and take a piece a little longer than the lined up sheets. Put about half (horizontally) on each side and stick it!
 Trim it so it lines up.
Now repeat on the other side.
 Put a piece a little longer than the bottom and do the same.
You're done! So now have fun deciding what to put in it. It should be able to fit iPods/iPhones, and if it doesn't fit quite right you can always adjust the measurements to fit whatever you want. Toodles!!!