May 11, 2015

Our family is the best... ever.

 Hello! So since our family reunion in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is coming up (28 days!!) I figured I would do a post about it with some pictures from last year. We may not look our best in them but you can't blame us... okay you can blame the older ones because they're used to it from each other.

 So here's Josiah about to go down the slide, and Bethany waiting for her turn.
 Here's Mary on the swing and Emily.. doing something.
 Here's Brooke on the tire swing and me getting ready to push her.
 Here's Meredith and Jeremy (in the red) and Jacob (the only other person) hanging out.
 Here's Josiah sleeping on the couch..
 Here's Meredith and Jake holding PJ after he jumped in the lake..
 Here's Bethany with some flowers she picked (they have a ton of pretty flowers here).
 Here's Jeremy sleeping on the couch (the days are pretty tiring)
 Here's Mary and Brooke on the swing around a fire (which was TOTALLY AWESOME and I'm crossing my fingers we do a few more this year.. hint hint)
 Here are the swings and fire pit..
 Here's Uncle Paul (in the blue trunks) getting ready to jump in the lake (for the cold water challenge)
 Here's Cam and Josh (in the orange and green) getting ready to jump in..
 And here they are actually jumping.
 Here's Josiah in one of the creeks..
 And here's Jake, Jeremy and Meredith again (it was WAY past their bedtime)
 Here's Bethany again..
 Here's Jeremy (so ladylike), Daniel and Cam at dinner..
 Here's me, Josh, Bethany, Mary and Brooke at the Rock of Ages, which is basically just a rocky cliff.
Here we are at the whale watch, which is basically a big board that you try to balance out..
Here's Jake, Meredith and PJ..
Here we are (from left to right: Emily, Bethany, Brooke, Josh, Cam, me, Mary, PJ, Ben, Jake,and Jonathan) getting ready to go rake some mulch for a trail..
Here's John David (with the stick), Josiah (in the brown) and Daniel at the fire..
Allison (in the blue shorts) and Anna..
Daniel, Jeremy and Cam..
Betsy and Hannah..
Jake and Meredith.
Here's Meredith and Ben..
Here is (I think) Betsy and Hannah in kayaks..
So that was a kind if lame ending but whatever... so Banner Elk (that's just what we call the whole reunion) is tons of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing all my cousins and aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa in just under 1 month!!