May 11, 2015

Our family is the best... ever.

 Hello! So since our family reunion in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is coming up (28 days!!) I figured I would do a post about it with some pictures from last year. We may not look our best in them but you can't blame us... okay you can blame the older ones because they're used to it from each other.

 So here's Josiah about to go down the slide, and Bethany waiting for her turn.
 Here's Mary on the swing and Emily.. doing something.
 Here's Brooke on the tire swing and me getting ready to push her.
 Here's Meredith and Jeremy (in the red) and Jacob (the only other person) hanging out.
 Here's Josiah sleeping on the couch..
 Here's Meredith and Jake holding PJ after he jumped in the lake..
 Here's Bethany with some flowers she picked (they have a ton of pretty flowers here).
 Here's Jeremy sleeping on the couch (the days are pretty tiring)
 Here's Mary and Brooke on the swing around a fire (which was TOTALLY AWESOME and I'm crossing my fingers we do a few more this year.. hint hint)
 Here are the swings and fire pit..
 Here's Uncle Paul (in the blue trunks) getting ready to jump in the lake (for the cold water challenge)
 Here's Cam and Josh (in the orange and green) getting ready to jump in..
 And here they are actually jumping.
 Here's Josiah in one of the creeks..
 And here's Jake, Jeremy and Meredith again (it was WAY past their bedtime)
 Here's Bethany again..
 Here's Jeremy (so ladylike), Daniel and Cam at dinner..
 Here's me, Josh, Bethany, Mary and Brooke at the Rock of Ages, which is basically just a rocky cliff.
Here we are at the whale watch, which is basically a big board that you try to balance out..
Here's Jake, Meredith and PJ..
Here we are (from left to right: Emily, Bethany, Brooke, Josh, Cam, me, Mary, PJ, Ben, Jake,and Jonathan) getting ready to go rake some mulch for a trail..
Here's John David (with the stick), Josiah (in the brown) and Daniel at the fire..
Allison (in the blue shorts) and Anna..
Daniel, Jeremy and Cam..
Betsy and Hannah..
Jake and Meredith.
Here's Meredith and Ben..
Here is (I think) Betsy and Hannah in kayaks..
So that was a kind if lame ending but whatever... so Banner Elk (that's just what we call the whole reunion) is tons of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing all my cousins and aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa in just under 1 month!!

February 23, 2015

Nature stuffs

Hello! So on Saturday (the 21st) we went to walk on the UWF nature trails. Since at the moment I am having trouble coming up with craft tutorials, I figured I'd post about this. So here are the pictures we took.     
 Here we are on the boardwalk about to cross a river. Mom wanted to get a picture with the pink tree in it. It's above Meredith's head.
 One of the first times we went exploring on one of the trails that goes off the boardwalk we found this awesome fallen tree to climb on. It may look like I'm posing but I'm just stabilizing myself on two branches...
I think we're looking at something but I can't remember what...
 Cam and Meredith wanted to throw me off the tree we found. I look like I'm smiling happily but that is a smile of pure TERROR because it felt like I actually was going to fall off...
Mom actually managed to get a serious picture... after we did a goofy one.
 After we found the lake we came back to the tree. I love that thing...
 This was a sort of random pose I did and convinced mom to take a picture of.
 Here's us walking. My ponytail looks kind of cool, right? Good timing, mom.
 Meredith in nature...
 Here's the serious picture from before they threw me off the tree...
 We found this face carved in one of the trees. Creepy....
 This does better showing our personalities than the serious one mom so cruelly forced us to take.
And, last but not least, one of the very rare pictures of me that I actually kind of like. Even Meredith said it was a nice picture.
So, in the end, we all almost died at least once each, we fought World War III (sometimes called the Pine cone war), made some pretty epic Parkour videos, avoided the bears, and got some pretty sweet pictures. Not bad, huh? Well, thanks for reading this post! It seems to have become an annual thing that I do a post...

October 22, 2014

The fair was Awesome!!

 Hello everyone!! So yesterday was ladies' day at the Pensacola Interstate Fair, which means ladies (that's me!) don't have to pay admission. Apparently Cameron is a lady...

 Just kidding! We had to pay for him. But he's worth it right? *awkward silence* Okay moving on.
 So this is the Skyflyer. You get in a two person swing, then it goes up really high and spins around. It doesn't spin too fast so it's only the height that was at all scary for me. Not saying I'm scared of heights or anything... *clears throat*
 This is the Ferris wheel. There was actually 2 or 3 but we chose this one because it was closer to most of the rides we did.
Here's me and Meredith by the Skyflyer. See, I told you that Ferris wheel was by most of the rides we did.                                           
 This is a picture taken from up in the Ferris wheel. It was kind of scary how creaky it was. I t sounded like it might break at any second.
 This is a sunset picture taken from the Ferris wheel as well. Meredith timed it just right so we'd go up in time to get sunset pictures.
 Another Ferris wheel picture...
 Sunset picture...
 My favorite Ferris wheel picture...
 Meredith, looking stunning as always...
 Here you can see the Skyflyer (the tall glowing pole) taking people up. It's higher than it looks.
 Me and Cameron on the Ferris wheel. His ear is GLOWING.....
 This is a picture taken by a ride where you go upside-down, which was absolutely TERIFYING!!!!!!! But also a lot of fun....
Me trying to figure out if I'm tall enough. Oh, I was never any good at math...
 I THINK Meredith's tall enough... right??
 Peace out, home.... Meredith.....
 I think the ride is going in this picture. It was called the Himalaya, and it went really fast, so naturally we had to go on the SUPER Himalaya too...
 Me looking like I might throw up (which thankfully I did not) while Cameron's hoodie logo glows...
 Meredith and her friend Hannah looking FABULOUS!!
 Here's the Ferris wheel again...
 Me and Cam about to go up in the Skyflyer... stay fierce!
 Cameron got a LITTLE crazy...
 Don't we look adorable *awkward chuckle*
 There we are way up high! We're in the orange one in front of the yellow.
 Fair food is soooo healthy!! Pay attention Meredith!!
Here we are in the Ferris wheel again to finish off the night. Okay, so I may have gone on the Indy 500 again but that's not important...

So we went twice on the Claw, which doesn't quite go upside-down but is still terrifyingly awesome. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! All photo credit to Mom and Meredith. Peace out home Meredith!