July 20, 2013

Duct Tape Flip Flops

Hi! Today I'm going to show you how to make duct tape flip flops. They are not 100% duct tape....
 Here is what you need: A pair of solid colored flip flops, two rolls of tape (it doesn't matter what kinds you use), and scissors (of course!).
 First take a piece of the base color and make it about  the length of  one of the straps.
 Stick it to the front or back, then wrap it around. It's okay if it's a little wrinkled at the bottom.
 Now do the same on the other side.
 Then take the other kind of tape and get a piece about half an inch long and cut it in half.
 Now stick one half to the middle and stick the corners to the bottom. I cut it in half at the bottom to make it a little easier.
 Now take a piece about half an inch and wrap it around one of the straps.
 Now do it again farther down. You can space them how you want.
 Now do it a third time.
 By now you should be at the bottom. so just do it one more time.
 Now begin again on the other side.
 Do it again...
 And again....
 And again. (Sorry the picture is blurry)
 Here's a close-up.
 Then you just do the same on the other flip flop, and you're done! Wear them with pride, knowing that you created them!!

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  1. Very nice job on your flip flops! I love them and I love your creativity even more.