January 16, 2014

Not a tutorial!

Hey! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. The computer I usually do blog posts on isn't working and this one can't upload pictures, so I have a blog post ready (I have the pictures taken) I just have to wait for the other computer to be fixed. I'm still doing duct tape stuff but I used some of my Christmas money to buy a Fun Loom, which is the same as a Rainbow Loom.... okay no it's not. It has four lines of pegs instead of three (The Rainbow Loom has three lines that can be taken out and flipped, and the Fun Loom has four that are all molded together and can't be taken out or flipped). It makes the rubber band bracelets that are so popular currently, so naturally I had to have it.. and I have a friend who could teach me how to use it.. and also my mom found tutorials and so I made a goldfish!! It's actually a purple fish but it's shaped like a big goldfish. Anyway I need ideas for another blog post (what to make) so if you have any, post a comment! I could do something with duct tape or I could try to do a Fun Loom tutorial. Be specific, don't just say "a duct tape project" or "a  Fun Loom project", say "a duct tape bag" or "a starburst bracelet (Fun Loom)". Thank you for reading!! I appreciate that I have six followers! That may not sound like a lot but for me it is. P.S. If you have any ideas for something to say at the end of a blog post like an exciting way of saying have a good day, let me know because I'm trying to think of one and nothing is coming to me.


  1. You are doing really well on your new bracelets. I am constantly amazed at how good you are at making things with your hands--a skill that will come in handy some day, I can assure you (no, I didn't mean that as a pun). Maybe you could end with something like "Happy Crafting!" or "Until next time!" It doesn't have to be something spectacular.

  2. Hi Audrey!

    I have a couple ideas of things you could make with duck tape, such as a pencil bag or maybe a pencil? At my house we use tape to mark our pencils so we know whose is whose, but I think decorating one with a colorful tape pattern would be beautiful. As for ending your posts on my Fashion Story blog I usually end with something like "Feel free to ask questions or voice your opinions via comments.~Sky's Limit" However on my personal blog I haven't come up with a good phrase as of yet. :) You could also do something like 'I hope this inspired yo to use duck tape more often'. Just some ideas...

    ~ Sky's Limit from Fashion Story